What We Do

PawsPlus provides affordable non-emergency veterinary care through Community Clinics hosted at local pet stores. Services include:
No matter where you live within our coverage area, there is a convenient Community Veterinary Clinic near you.

You simply need to find a nearby clinic location, date and time, and then show up during those hours. Clinics are held at local pet and feed retail stores, and you won’t need an appointment.

PawsPlus staff will be located inside or right outside the store, simply walk up to the clinic area and our caring staff of pet lovers will walk you through the process.

The PawsPlus Clinic Process

One of our clinic assistants will get some basic information from you. If we have seen your pet before, your information will already be in our system along with all your pet’s health records. New clients will be added electronically. No need to fill out paperwork while holding on to your pets- we’ll do that for you!
Let’s talk:
Next, we will discuss your pet’s lifestyle and history with you. Every pet is different, and it is important to talk through this to determine the best package of preventative products and services for your pet.
The Veterinarian’s ready:
You will make your payment right there with our staff. We take all credit cards, cash, or personal checks. Then our licensed veterinarian is ready to see your pet. Feel free to ask questions as our veterinarian administers services. Once your pet has been seen and you’ve had all of your questions answered, you’ll be free to head out. That’s it! Congratulations on being a great pet parent!
Things to remember:
All of your pet’s records are stored in our database and you can call or click anytime to retrieve them. If you have any questions about your pet’s services, or if your pet begins acting strangely after the clinic, please call us immediately at 1-888-PawsPlus (1.888.729.7758)
If your pet receives a microchip, make sure to update your information in the registry.