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As a PawsPlus company we adhere to and live by the following standards of excellence.

Our Standards of Excellence

PawsPlus Integrity Dignity Respect Compass

  • The foundation of our success lies in the strength of our commitment to treating each other, the pets we serve and their loving owners equally - with integrity, dignity and respect.
  • PawsPlus partners with the leading veterinary pharmaceutical companies to ensure the highest quality products are available to our customers at affordable prices.
  • State Licensed Veterinarians are always present at PawsPlus vaccination clinics.
  • PawsPlus ensures that customers are well informed about the services their pets receive.
  • PawsPlus only recommends vaccinations and services based on the individual pet’s lifestyle.
  • PawsPlus keeps abreast of current trends in veterinary preventative medicine to achieve the highest quality of service and products offered to its customers and their pets.
  • PawsPlus continually evaluates clinic policies and procedures to achieve the safest possible experience for all pets.
  • PawsPlus will provide a certificate or receipt for any service or product it offers and provides.
  • PawsPlus values local veterinary hospitals and will educate its clients on the importance of additional treatments and services available through these facilities. 

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